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In 2008 I took my first road trip to northern Canada and Alaska. This four week trip opened my eyes to the sheer size, remoteness and beauty of British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alaska. I promised myself that I would return. In 2021 I returned again on a shorter 3 week trip that took me all the way to Kluane Lake, west of Whitehorse, Yukon. Since 2019 I had already been dreaming of a remote overlanding trip I would take all the way to the Arctic Ocean on the remote Dempster Highway. It was during the trip of 2021 that I solidified my future plans to return once again in the summer and fall of 2023 on an epic 10 week, 14,000 kilometre overlanding, fly fishing, and photography journey. 

The trip took nearly 4 years of planning, from choosing the vehicle that would reliably and safely take me there and back, the type of camping unit that would be my home and office, and the myriad of other details to take such a long journey. On August 2nd, 2023 I headed north towards the Arctic Ocean. 

The route included stops at lodges and other vacation rental accommodations that I was photographing as part of my commercial photography business. After 4 weeks I met up with my brother Hans Arnold, a well known fine art photographer from Manitoba. Together we journeyed for another 4 weeks to the Arctic Ocean and all the way back to the remote towns of McCarthy, Valdez, Haines, and Skagway in southeast Alaska. I was fortunate to also spend a few days camping with my daughter and grandson in the Yukon before heading back into British Columbia for a few more client photography projects on the way home. 

On day 67 of the journey I returned home to a joyful reunion with my wife, and back to life in the city. The trip was full of adventure and misadventures. The beauty of the north is truly hard to describe. There are no single words that can describe what your eyes have seen. I've witnessed scenery that at best can only be described in photographs and video, leaving the viewer to put their own labels on what is up there. 

Whenever internet was available I updated the Facebook page that captured just a small taste of this epic journey. The Great Northern Project may have started with an idea in 2019 but it will continue to give me years of enjoyment, and opportunities to benefit from it in other ways. I came home with over 25,000 photos and videos which for the next few years will provide the inventory for many fine art photographs available for sale on this website, as well as all the Youtube videos of the trip. 




























For the past 40 years I have travelled every corner of British Columbia, the Yukon, and parts of the Northwest Territories and Alaska on highways, backroads, and deep into the wilderness, photographing and fly fishing along the way. In this channel I take you along on unique backcountry travels, offroading 4x4 trips, photography, hiking, and fly fishing journeys, from short day trips to weeks and months long adventures. Here you will see and experience special locations, learn about the planning resources used to get there, and the personal insights into the challenges and successes along the way. The Great Northern Project videos will live on this channel as well. 











The Old Barns Canada Facebook group was created for positive discussion and education of Canadian heritage barns. It is also where you can find out about old Canadian barn related services and products.

For education purposes, posting links to websites, articles, books, documents, photos, artwork, video, social media posts, and any other media type that are related to old Canadian barns and farms are highly encouraged.

Regular contributions from photographers across Canada show the beauty of these old barns from the ones that are now gone forever, the ones that are nearly gone, and the ones that still stand proud. There have been thousands of photos submitted to this Facebook Group and every one of them is a treasure. 

Wheelie Wednesday showcases the many forms of farm machinery and vehicle wheels that are normally forgotten relics of the past but are seemingly endless compositions for the hundreds of photographers who contribute to this group on a regular basis. Farmhouse Fridays features the many old homes that are either abandoned or still inhabited alongside the old barns of Canada.

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