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Over 4000 locations photographed
and thousands of happy clients


You won't find a more experienced Real Estate photographer in the Fraser Valley.
Carsten is an Accredited Architectural Photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada and can help you sell more homes, faster, and often at a higher price
with stunning images that elevate your marketing efforts and brand. 

Featured, recommended, and awarded by Houzz,
the world's largest interior design website.


What 42 plus Houzz reviews say about Carsten Arnold Photography:

Exceptional - Experienced - Efficient - Results - Seasoned - Uncompromising  
Passionate - Meticulous - Proficient - Responsive - Impressive 

What you will get.

• Exceptional service and value with an experienced professional photographer who understands your needs, and how best to showcase your listing.

• A team member that knows real estate, interior design, and what attracts buyers.

• Crisp, clean, bright images with the true colour of the home. All photos are light painted which is a combination of available ambient light and multiple flash images blended. together which have a natural look that attracts more buyers.

• Compositions that show the layout of the home, making it easier for buyers to understand its flow. Photos often show how one room connects to the others without the need for floorplans. 

• All photos are microstaged to show the home at it's finest. Curtains, pillows, cushions, and wall hangings straightened, personal items removed where possible, chairs lined up and evenly spaced, rug tassels combed, towels neatly folded, bed linens smoothed and pillows straightened. If it helps sell the home, it's done. 

• 24 hour or less turnaround.

What you won't get.

• HDR style photos. This method of capturing photos is easiest for less experienced photographers. They have an unnatural look with inaccurate colour, brightness and contrast. Homes do not look like this and are deceiving to buyers. 
• Compositions that don't attract buyers. 
• Bad lighting, photos with a yellow or orange colour cast. 
• Messy rooms. Less experienced photographers do not consider using "creative avoidance" techniques or to micro stage the scene to show the space at its absolute best. 

Available add ons include:

• Twilight

• Neighborhood photos

• Virtual tours 

• Single listing website with photos, virtual tours, supplied video, music, google map, walkscore, agent branding, weekly stats, MLS link

• Drone aerials

• Realtor headshots