Commercial Photography

Great companies need exceptional images

Attracting clients to your website, social media, and marketing material demands exceptional images that stand out from the competition.


Whether you have a strong vision for the images you need, or have ideas that need further shaping, I’ll help you achieve this with images you’ll love.


I have experience photographing many commercial businesses including these:


  • retail store interiors and displays
  • hotels, bed & breakfasts, airbnb
  • restaurants, pubs, food
  • products to appear in catalogues
  • artist paintings and sculptures
  • large or small corporate events
  • golf tournaments
  • magazine articles
  • before/after design or renovation projects
  • construction progress
  • industrial projects
  • manufacturing processes
  • showrooms
  • entire trade shows and individual booths
  • corporate offices


Let’s talk about how to market your business, get more website visits, and build your social media followers. With an extensive background in graphics, printing, publishing, website design, and digital media I can help you show off your product or service to its best advantage.


Add unique perspectives to your marketing material with time-lapse video and virtual tours that can be added to any event or location, and can be shot from ground level or from any height up to 50 feet. Many clients have been thrilled with the results from using these dynamic marketing tools.

commercial photography

“I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the very talented Carsten Arnold. He was highly professional, incredibly meticulous and most accommodating in every regard. His expertise, mastery of lighting, and creative skills, combined to deliver results beyond my greatest expectations. It was truly a wonderful experience to have worked with Carsten, who I highly and wholeheartedly recommend for any photographic project.”


Dr. Michelle Wang

Aerial Mast Photography – Going where drones can’t

Seeing the ground from a unique perspective captures a viewer’s attention. Aerial Mast Photography is perfect for recording construction progress, commercial buildings, real estate listings, shopping areas or events where a stationary and secure platform is required.


Transport Canada guidelines prohibit drones used for commercial purposes from flying within 9 km of built-up areas or airports. Add this to dealing with permits, noise, and distractions, and drones become more hassle than they’re worth. Aerial mast photography is an attractive, and reasonable alternative.


The 50 foot telescopic aerial mast can be truck mounted and driven up to your location, or can be moved to a specific location on site depending on ground obstacles.

residential photography

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