Heritage Photo Project


Documenting heritage buildings and the stories behind them for future generations.

Growing up I spent summers playing and working on farms in Manitoba and Northern Ontario. Living on farms during that time has certainly left an impression on me that continues to this day. Just looking at old homes, barns, and outbuildings takes me back to my youth and I feel a deep connection to them.


When photographing old buildings I often find myself wondering what it was like living and working in them in the early days. Life was much simpler back then and there is a charm and innocence about that time in history. 


My goal is to try and recreate that charm as much as possible by preserving old buildings with quality images and donating them to the local museum and archives for the enjoyment of generations to come.


All photographs in the Heritage Photo Project will be researched at the local archives to include the stories behind them. It’s nice to see a photo of an old building however knowing the story behind it connects the viewer to the scene and making it more valuable. 


Our heritage buildings are disappearing fast. In particular, the old barns and outbuildings that have had little to no weather proofing. Homes are also being demolished at an alarming rate. Help preserve our heritage. If you know of anyone who owns a heritage building in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia please get in touch with me. There is no charge for this service.

Ray Carman Barn - Chilliwack Mountain Road
Ray Carman barn, Chilliwack, BC. This barn was used for cows on the bottom floor with a hay loft up top. The barns current condition is very poor and is being considered for demolition.
Historic Eleanor Postill House
Historic Eleanor Postill House in New Westminster.

“I want to confirm that Carsten Arnold is not only a very skilled photographer but also a very professional individual who has been very attentive and respectful of our needs while working on our property. I would definitely recommend that he is allowed to pursue his photography project on your property. You will find that Carsten communicates very well with property owners before and after he does his work.”


“Recording our architectural heritage is important. Carsten Arnold does it with passion and artistry. I wish him much success and hope that he will get all the support he deserves.”


Sylvie Roussel-Janssens

The BC Historical Federation has published an article about this important project. You can read it here.


The Chilliwack Progress has also published an article about this project. You can read it here.

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Get in touch with Carsten if you have a heritage building on your property or know of anyone that does. There is no charge or obligation for this service.
Or call/text him at 604-219-0920.