Architectural Photography

Show Off Your Building

Get more website views, social media and marketing material recognition with premiere architectural photography.

Make your building stand out like none other. My signature service is a highly sought after style of photography only available from the some of the top photographers in the world.


Photographs are the handshake, the first impression your company will leave. The impression you make here speaks volumes about the quality of your brand. You control that impression and I’ll help you make it, whether it’s a small condo space or a large building with terrific views.


Even the best equipment cannot capture all of the available light in one shot. Your images are carefully crafted, before and during the shoot, and again in post production using a combination of multiple ambient and creative strobe lighting to enhance all aspects of the scene. This brings out the details and intended feeling a room was designed for.


Working with available natural light during the day or at twilight, Carsten will artistically add lighting to the exterior and surrounding areas as necessary to communicate the overall aesthetic harmony of a building. These images are then seamlessly blended together in post production to enhance every part of your building.



“Carsten Arnold Photography did an amazing job capturing the end result of the projects we designed. He was patient and observant during the shoot and offered plenty of great tips and advice. The final shots were professional, well composed, and really captured the essence of each project.”

Flow Smart Living & Interiors

“I have used Carsten’s services numerous times and have always been thoroughly impressed. He is easy to communicate with and extremely professional. Most importantly, his photography skills are unmatched by anyone else I’ve seen in the industry. I happily recommend him to anyone I know who is looking for high quality architectural photography. You will be blown away by the results.”

Stephanie Halverson

Accent Your Landscaping

Show your style with images that invoke emotion

A good landscaping photographer understands the many nuances of composition, natural light, and how to invoke an emotion from the viewer. I have many years of experience capturing beautiful landscapes from large water features to the smallest of details within a flowerbed. Want to capture the best of your landscaping project? Let’s collaborate.

residential photography

Aerial Mast Photography – Going where drones can’t

Seeing the ground from a unique perspective captures a viewer’s attention. Aerial Mast Photography is perfect for recording construction progress, commercial buildings, real estate listings, shopping areas or events where a stationary and secure platform is required.


Transport Canada guidelines prohibit drones used for commercial purposes from flying within 9 km of built-up areas or airports. Add this to dealing with permits, noise, and distractions, and drones become more hassle than they’re worth. Aerial mast photography is an attractive, and reasonable alternative.


The 50 foot telescopic aerial mast can be truck mounted and driven up to your location, or can be moved to a specific location on site depending on ground obstacles.

residential photography

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